MAS Youth Center of Dallas
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Regular Programs

Friday Night Program
The MAS Friday night program aims to educate and empower families to engage Islamically in American society. We utilize lecture, multimedia, and games to enhance our deen and strengthen our community.

Book Club
The MAS DFW Book Club aims to acquire knowledge for its participants one book at a time at a comfortable pace. Brothers and sisters get the opportunity to learn from two Azhar Imams - Imam Moujahed Bakhach and Imam Syyed Mitwalli - while gaining essential and practical knowledge through discussion and dialogue.

This gathering allows community members to meet regularly to expand their minds and their social circle.

Family Counseling
The MAS DFW Counseling Services, led by Imam Moujaed Bakhach, offers the community with marriage certifications, wills, counseling sessions, and other beneficial services.

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